Tradition and so much more

Nauta creates and produces delicious pâté in a progressive and creative way, with respect for the ancient family tradition, tailor-made for our domestic and foreign specialised partners.

Standard range

All year round Nauta offers a nice range of various cream and country pâtés. Quality, tradition and taste are our main concerns and they enable us to guarantee our Belgian and foreign customers that our produce is fresh.


We also market our pâtés in slices which we pack ourselves, to size of our customers. Our clever packaging perfectly fits in the refrigerated charcuterie display at supermarkets. Any chosen weight or number of slices is possible.

Season pâtés

Nauta produces pâtés for holidays and special occasions, and therefore uses exclusive ingredients. The artisanal pâtés are sold in beautiful pottery. When displayed on the butcher’s or supermarket’s counter they will surely increase sales.


Nauta’s brawn is an artisanal and natural product using the fresh flesh of the head we brine and boil ourselves. We follow a recipe from 1946 to make our brawn. For gourmets!