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As a major player in the pâté producing sector, Nauta produces quality products, tailor-made to the needs of the customer. Taste and quality are central to our production philosophy. Our preparations are delicious, safe and reliable, and made according to a family recipe. To ensure excellence, Nauta strives every day for continuous improvement and innovation of its products, production environment and processes. Therefore, Nauta follows the strictest guidelines of the International Food Standard (IFS) and the HACCP food safety regulations. Moreover, Nauta is certified for organic production.

Download our IFS and bio certificate [pdf]:

A tailored approach to tradition and quality

For three generations Nauta has been making pâtés with respect for tradition, taste and quality. Only the best pork and livers are selected, which are first of all thoroughly checked and then processed in extremely hygienic conditions. We only use premium quality ingredients and flavour our mixtures with herbs according to an age-old family recipe. The terrines are then placed in an oven and gently baked to give the pâté a unique, delicious flavour with a velvety texture. When ready, each pâté garnished to also provide a feast for the eyes. Every day, our ultra-fresh products leave our modern production facility in Asse to be delivered to stores in Belgium and abroad. Even far beyond the borders of our neighbouring countries, our customers praise Nauta for its excellence. Not only do we comply with the strictest Internation Food Standard (IFS) we are also known for our flexibility and diversification. We therefore recently expanded our range with the pre-cut pâtés. They are tailor-made for the customer, according to the specific needs of the market. Counter-ready and above all ... delicious!

How it all started ...

Nauta was established in 1946 in Brussels by our now-deceased grandfather Hendrik Nauta who came from Leeuwarden (Friesland) in the Netherlands. Shortly after graduating as a butcher, he founded his company in Belgium. In the early years, he not only produced pâté but also hams and frankfurters. However, in 1970, the huge success of the pâtés made the company decide to mainly focus on the production thereof. In 1992, a new production hall was built in Asse, just outside Brussels. In this contemporary building we still manufacture our products in accordance with the highest possible hygienic standards. The expertise was passed on from father to son, and now the third generation is in charge. Nauta has gained an international reputation for its tasteful, creamy homemade pâté. Our product is the result of years of experience and the constant search for perfection of taste, creaminess and presentation.

History of pâté

It is difficult to trace the origins of pâté, but it is a sure fact that Romans already knew it. Over the years, various production procedures were developed throughout Europe. French pâté, for instance, is dry and often has liver and quite large pieces of meat in it. Danish pâté has a fine structure and is also rather dry. Belgium has its own fine and coarse pâtés, all with a creamy taste. Through the years our original range of creamy pâté and Ardennes pâté extended to various other flavours. Today, we offer some 30 varieties such as pâté with green pepper, sweet pepper, cranberries, mushrooms, garlic, apples, olives, game, etc.

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